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Are Rules Running Your Life?

By Patricia C. Brooks | Nov 29, 2017

Principles guide us by motivating us internally to do what seems to be appropriate for each situation.  Rules compel us to do what we are told is right regardless of the situation. Principles are internal and guide us, often subtly, from within.  Rules are external and force us to follow a certain path.  In general,…

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The Universe has your Back

By Patricia C. Brooks | Oct 23, 2017

The Universe is on my side, and it is on yours too, though it might not seems this way sometimes – when things in our lives seem to go “wrong”, when we don’t get our way, when one “bad” thing after another befalls us.  Despite our thoughts and feelings about what unfolds in our lives,…

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Try vs. Do: The Difference Between Failure and Success

By Patricia C. Brooks | Sep 19, 2017

Why are some people successful at reaching their goals while others are not? Successful people decide to do; whereas people who want to succeed, but who fail to, typically decide to try. When I hear someone say “I’ll try.”,  I don’t believe they will succeed, as much as I would like for them to.  What…

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Safety Net

By Patricia C. Brooks | Aug 26, 2017

The need to feel safe is a need that is hardwired into the fabric or our beings. We look to fulfill this need from others around us – our parents, bosses, newscasters, spouses, and ministers, to name a few. But do you ever look to find it in yourself? Do you feel empowered or capable…

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Quiet Desperation or Dreams Realized? The Choice is Yours!

By Patricia C. Brooks | Aug 12, 2017

Sarah is a hoarder now. I discovered this when I went to spend the weekend at her house, recently.  Sarah has been a lifelong friend of mine, since fifth grade.  My visit showed me not only the deteriorating conditions she is living in, but how much we’ve grown apart.  Her unwillingness to be open and…

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Anything is Possible

By Patricia C. Brooks | Aug 3, 2017

I learned anything is possible, during a radio segment called “Second Date”. The two morning show hosts autopsy a first date that did not result in a second one. The goal of the “Second Date” segment is to see what went wrong and if after hearing an explanation the couple would like to go on…

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My Way or the Highway

By Patricia C. Brooks | Jul 16, 2017

Being open to different approaches is a powerful way to live. It comes from the recognition that there is not merely one way to accomplish anything.  The ability to be open starts when you detach from how things have to be in your life for you to be happy, successful, respected.  Only then can you…

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

By Patricia C. Brooks | Jun 18, 2017

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” I often hear these words in the voices of my mother and father, when I’m considering doing something that might upset my current circumstances.  It has been a guiding force in my life, meant to protect me, but more and more these days this…

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Put an End to Constant Firefighting

By Patricia C. Brooks | May 26, 2017

When employees are forced to place all of their time and attention on fixing what has just blown up or gone off the rails, that’s called firefighting.  While there are some people who get a boost from the adrenaline rush these “fires” can create, extended periods of firefighting with one urgent situation after another (and…

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