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How do you create lasting enthusiasm in your workforce that reduces turnover and increases productivity? Create a culture of courage. Seminars explore personal values and how they relate to your corporate vision and mission, thus improving motivation and desire.

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Energy Leadership Index Assessment ™

In any interaction there is a leader and followers.  The Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ shows your teams the impact of their thoughts and emotions on their outcomes, and enhances their ability to effectively lead from a place of positive, creative energy. Debrief of assessment can be done in group seminar or one on one.

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Seminar Descriptions

Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ and Debrief

Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Debrief

Participants will take the 2o-minute assessment in advance of their session.  During the 90- minute seminar they will understand how to identify which energy level they are operating from.  They will learn how effectively they, personally, show up in normal and in stressful situations.  And, they will learn that they can operate from any energy level they choose, to become more effective leaders.

Introduction to 7 Levels of Leadership

Part One: An Introduction to The 7 Levels of Leadership

Participants will develop an understanding of Energy Leadership TM and its seven levels, strategies to increase the energetic levels and effectiveness of individual leaders, and approaches to boost the engagement and productivity of teams and organizations.

Courage to Lead Energetically

Part 2

In order to lead effectively and magnetically, we must become deliberate in our approach.  this requires the courage to learn what we want  and why, so we can translate our personal values into the work we do  and how we lead every day. In this session participants will define what success  looks like to them personally and professionally and discover how this aligns to the mission of the organization.  They will outline this insight and create specific ways to achieve living their personal values and forward their organization's mission.

Planning Courageously

Part 3

Participants will take the high level goals they set in part two, prioritize them, and build out the next steps to accomplishing.  At the end of the session leaders will have an action plan for at least one value to put into action before the next session.

Mindset, Leadership Levels, and Results

Part 4

In this session participants will share their experiences in getting started implementing their work plan. They will identify the thoughts that helped or hindered them. And they will understand how their mindsets determined their success or failure. They will walk away with techniques to shift negative perceptions to positive, more empowering ones that will get them and keep them moving in the direction of their goals.

Confidence to Achieve

Part 5

Staying the course in making a change is dependent on your belief in your ability to succeed. In this session participants will share their successes and setbacks in continuing to move forward with their goals. Participants will identify limiting beliefs they hold about their achieving their stated goal and they will develop strategies that challenge and break these limiting beliefs so they can achieve their organization and time management goals.

At the end of part 5 they have the tools to continue working with to achieve their goals.

For continued progress accountability and support the participants can move into the mastermind group service offered.

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